About Our Farm

We are the Bercier Family. Made up of Brittany (mom) Gerrick, Jaxson, Roman and myself Adam (dad). And of course we can't forget our dogs; Sadie who has been with us for 13 years, and new comers Charlie and Sammie.

We have been wanting to start a small hobby farm for many years and finally were able to get a small amount of land to start!

For now we are focused on eggs, and soon to be veggies!

We have other ideas to expand later on, but that will come in time.

Our products come from love. We care for our animals the best we can, and not only sow the seed of the plant, we set intentions while doing so.

Hope to see you soon!

From our hearts to yours.

~The Bercier Family at Heart 2 Heart Farm

Our Flock